Windows bugs

Over the years I’ve noticed a couple bugs that are present in in some or all of NT/Vista/7. I experience these on a daily basis, across dozens of computers. So it can’t just be me, right?

  1. Focus bug. If the timing is right, some windows remain on top despite clicking on a background window. The background window obtains focus, but does not move to the front. This is typically when the foreground window does some focus changing action (Showing a dialog, opening a new tab, etc.). Clicking on (focusing) the foreground window then refocusing on the background one fixes it.
  2. False maximization. When restoring windows from standby when a window is maximized and different monitor configuration than when last powered on, the window will no longer be maximized (it will be in windowed mode at or near full width and height), but the window manager buttons are in the maximized state (the restore button is shown in place of the maximize button–clicking it maximizes the window, the opposite of what it’s supposed to do).

There is one or two more less common ones, but these are all I can remember at the moment. I just wanted to get them down.