GAWMiner Fury

So I’m attempting to jump on the Scrypt based ASIC coin mining bandwagon. I got a GAWMiner Fury to try out. It came with a free ZenMiner, which is a Raspberry Pi with a custom image that runs mining software automatically, and connects to a 3rd party website to allow remote control and monitoring.

GAWMiner Fury and ZenMiner

GAWMiner Fury and ZenMiner

It came with everything needed to power up and get started. The included instructions just mention how to get started using the ZenMiner, so it’s pretty skimpy compared to most other packaged products. Being an ASIC cryptocurrency miner, it’s already a specialty device so you likely know what you are doing. Still, the ZenMiner is geared to newcomers so they can easily start mining. In that respect I think it still needs work as the ZenOS web interface is pretty but limited. Continue reading


I tried mining bitcoins a while back, briefly, and only earned a small fraction before giving up (my hardware was not up to the task). I’ve been following it casually for the past few years, and more closely now. I decided to spend a small amount (that I won’t lose sleep if it dissappears) and expirement with the cryptocurrency.

So I now own 1/3 of a bitcoin: 0.333, exactly. I’m going to try out some alt-coin trading and see what’s what.