What do I like to code?

  • Application Development
  • Java, C/C++, .NET
  • Web Development (LAMP)


I don’t have a lot of public projects, but I’ve got accounts at:

Code Sample:

Years ago I made a Java application (which itself was a port of C#) to view 2D data files. It’s used to view data created by Tuner Studio and MegaTune software (used for tuning the DIY Megasquirt ECU). Those programs use a slightly awkward XML format to store data.

Where my program comes in is to view those files without loading the entire tuning solutions. This saves time and allows you to share your tune file with others online which is pretty common in the DIY automotive ECU world. No more files to download, you can just look at it with a web browser.

While nothing special, it demonstrates I/O, XML parsing, user experience interaction coding, and is actually useful to me and (hopefully) other people. It uses PHP, jQuery, and some AngularJS. The project’s source is available here and is licensed under the GPLv3.

You can test it out at, but be warned it is centered around a very specific automotive use case, so it might not be that exciting if finding a better fuel map for your aftermarket ECU isn’t on your TODO list.