2D Artillery Game

Space Battle

I played a game ages ago that was basically Scorched Earth in space. It was called Warheads. It’s still available as shareware, as of mid-2012, from www.warheads.net. I thought I could improve the concept a bit (support for more resolutions, higher resolution textures, etc.) and that it would be a good experience in game development.

It’s been a good experience, but I haven’t had the time to really finish it. I started development in 2010 using C++ and Visual Studio 2008. After about a year I shelved it while I finished school. Then I restarted development in Java using LibGDX, which has greatly accelerated the rate of development. But it’s still not done.

It’s just over 3000 lines of code, and I have implemented a menu system, game states and state control, rudimentary controls and basic firing of projectiles.

At first I implemented my own Windowing UI in C++ with DirectX, which turned out to be most of my development time during that stage. When I switched to LibGDX, it took all of a couple days to hammer the entire themed UI out. It also has Box2D physics integrated. So now I’m working on actual mechanics–which is much more fun than UI or collision and physics programming.

Goals and Requirements

  • 2D Warheads clone
  • Support multiple resolutions
  • Multiplayer using TCP/IP
  • Weapon Editor


sb1 sb2 


Here are some embarrassing shots of the C++/DirectX version: