3.3L 280Z Runs

So, am I the first? The first to put a VG33 in an S30? I have doubts but I’ve never heard of it before. After a bit of late night work and an unplanned oil event and a small unplanned fuel dump after removing and replacing the engine to fix the oil leak, it’s back in, running, and more importantly: not leaking.

Here’s a late night in-progress shot:


All the work was worth it, I had to get it running for a scheduled photoshoot:


280Z SpeedHut gauge conversion

I acquired some Speedhut gauges a while back for a deal, and I just got a free 240Z wheel, so I decided to do all three. In this part I just remove and fit the Speedhut gauges in the old speedo and tachometer housings. In the next part I wire them up. A few people did this on HybridZ various different ways. I was too cheap to go out and get any other supplies, so I made it work with what I had.

The gauges I got are:

Speedometer: 4″ Revolution GPS Speedo with integrated fuel gauge, turn signal LEDs, and high-beam LED
Tachometer: 4″ Revolution 8,000RPM with programmable shift LEDs.

Both have red dials, and red illumination. The fuel gauge is there since I’ll be replacing the one in the 3 small dash gauges eventually, but don’t want to lose having a gas gauge.

<a href=”http://razzi.me/p/634975″><img alt=”Uploaded on Razzi.me” height=”235″ src=”http://just.razzi.me/photos/634975/692e6df.jpg” width=”235″></a> <a href=”http://razzi.me/p/634976″><img alt=”Uploaded on Razzi.me” height=”235″ src=”http://just.razzi.me/photos/634976/5951aee.jpg” width=”235″></a>

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Arch Linux on Lenovo ThinkPad T410

I picked up a really cheap ThinkPad T410 from Craigslist. First-gen mobile Core i5, 4GB, 320GB drive and most importantly: 1440×900. A 40% increase in horizontal space (and 17% vertical). Finally I can tune without trying to get TunerStudio to fit.

Installing Arch was quick, as usual. The laptop has a fingerprint reader, which works really well in Linux. Now I can log in with a finger swipe–although you have to press enter after swiping.

The only thing I might change is swapping out the spinner disk for a SSD, since they are pretty cheap. I don’t like the idea of a disk in a moving vehicle.

Released my first Android app

After searching for a simple GPS Speedometer app that provided a speed readout in more than just 2 units (a free one, of course), I thought it would be the perfect project for my first Android app. It took only a few hours to make it, the Eclipse ADT makes this pretty easy.

Google Play link

I’m glad I’ve gotten more familiar with the publishing process. It’ll help when I release a game I’ve been tinkering with for a few years.

Second 280Z autocross

Second autocross. This course was a bit more technical, and my car was definitely not setup for it. I was out of the power band most of the time, which was somewhat aggravating. At least I plumbed my wastegate back in, so it’s quiet at full throttle.

Here’s my best run:

First autocross in the 280Z

Well I hammered out a few problems with the car and decided to try it out at an autocross. There was slight rain during the first half of the event, but it cleared up completely in the afternoon. To put it blunt: The car is very hard to control. Old suspension, too peaky of a powerband, and a short wheelbase spell trouble. It was fun though.

Best spin out:

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The 280Z’s first time at a 1/4 mile drag strip

If there’s one thing nice about our new place, it’s that there’s a full quarter mile drag strip nearby.

I had my car shipped here, and this is pretty much the first thing I did. The track is really nice, although it’s more expensive (surprise, surprise), and very crowded. The problem seems to be that they have street car night at the same time they have the non-street car night. So guess who gets priority…

Despite only getting 2 runs in over the course of 4 hours (and they were both 15 minutes before closing), I did get a little tuning in. I also discovered spark blowout at high RPM.


I’ve been working on a small Arduino project to datalog my commute. I’m using an Arduino Uno with SK Pang’s CAN Bus Shield. I also have added the optional GPS and LCD to the mix. There is an micro-SD card slot for storage.


The aim of the project is just to collect data. As much as I can put into the SD card. I plan on calculating driving efficiency using somewhat arbitrary measures like throttle modulation, temperature, etc.


So, all-in-all, about $170.



Here are most of the parts before soldering the JST stuff on.


The actual JST socket should be on the other side of the PCB. Oops. And I wish the “joystick” wasn’t soldered on from the get-go, so I could mount it (or something similar) somewhere else.

I’ve gotten the (horribly written) example code working, and know that it will work with my car. I’m attempting to modularize the example code and mix it with my own to make a slightly better designed program.

The repository is public.

I might also incorporate parts of OpenXC in this as well. And I’ve forked OpenXC in the hopes of one day porting it to work with this CAN Bus shield.

I followed this guide to work in Eclipse.

BBC’s Top Gear > Top Gear USA

BBC’s Top Gear resumes today! I can’t wait to watch it. It’s been a while since they left off, and I’ve been watchin TG:USA in the meantime during my lunch breaks.

TG:USA, will it really work? It just feels so scripted. I know, BBC’s Top Gear had a rough start too, like many shows. But, I’m watching season 2 right now, and the chemistry just hasn’t happened.

I like Tanner, he actually has lines that seem natural. Adam, by a decent amount, annoys me and just seems totally out of place. Rutledge, meh, sometimes he’s funny, sometimes it sounds like he’s having a hard time reading the teleprompter.¬†All-in-all, they still don’t have much on the original. They don’t seem to dare say anything scandalous (politically, or otherwise), for fear of losing viewers. I guess I can’t blame them too much, the US is way more divided than the UK/EU. I mean, as far as my American brain knows.

I’ll still watch it, it’s an American, non-NASCAR car show. It’s pretty much all we’ve got.